What if I told you that unless you take into account of who you truly are, your goals will never be aligned with your being? And when that happens, there is a disconnect between what you want in life and what your subconscious mind thinks is best for you.

Hey, I’m Sandy!

As a healher, storytellher, and explorher , I can tell you that you’ll unlock your full potential only when you’re living in harmony with your true self.

When I used to set goals and I found that they either weren’t motivating me or they created a sense of dissatisfaction when I reached them. I began wondering if I could be more true to myself by setting intentions that arose from my own values, rather than by chasing after goals that were based on other people's expectations or the lofty ideas of what I thought I should be.

I learned the importance of normalizing mistake-making as a natural part of our success cycle, the power of defining values that represent you and how to design your intentions in ways that support your growth rather than just tick boxes.

I took what I learned and put it into practice and now I am sharing it with you in this guide. This guide was written with you in mind. It took me years to get it right, and I don't want that for you. I am sharing the top four strategies I used to get through waves of change in the past few years. Because life is complex enough, I kept it simple.

Create Authentically Aligned Goals

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