Ready to work on the project you really want to do without overwhelm?

Go from ONe Day to Day ONe...

Does this sound like you?

When you start something new, you’re motivated and driven. But sticking to it? That’s where the trouble begins.

Working on something you are passionate about should be fun, but often your desire to get it perfect paralyzes you and robs you from joy.

You want to bring your ideas to life but you have a lot on your plate . Life can get crazy, with work, kids, and friends competing for your time.

You know what it is like to have inspiration but not have the time or energy to do anything about it.

Now, imagine if...

That's exactly what's possible!

And you can connect to your joy and feel supported by other like-minded individuals who are ready to walk through the ups and downs with you.

In this space, you are taught techniques and exercises to help get your brain working for you instead of against you.

You stopped putting yourself last and discovered a simple, effective way to give yourself the space and accountability you need.

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Spark helps ambitious women put their goals into action with small, but steady daily progress. Spark is an online challenge for women on the go who need support and accountability to finally initiate their passion project or goal. We’re not about quick fixes — it’s about taking that first step, day after day —
cultivating consistency and clarity.

4 Weeks of Guided Productivity & Accountability



Here's how it works:

It's a 4 week challenge to help you get comfortable with constant action and learn to re-train your mind.

Daily tips


safe space

Each weekday of the challenge, you'll receive a little nugget to help you understand your brain and learn to re-train it for success.

You will check in daily with your progress. Even if you complete just a little bit each day, you'll be surprised by how much you get done in a month.

Share and celebrate your progress in a private online community with people who are also working hard to achieve their goals. 

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There has always been this one thing about myself that would drive me mad. I was never able to finish my personal projects.

Time, energy, motivation, attention, support - I never had enough. I became frustrated with my lack of action so I plunged into learning more about how the brain works and what habits we can adopt to make the changes necessary to achieve our goals.

I’ve learned that I am more likely to accomplish my goals and make progress in my life if I surround myself with like-minded people who hold me accountable and keep me focused. I’ve also discovered that the small daily changes I make have a big impact on my overall well-being, so that the things I thought were unchangeable are actually within my control.

I want you to win like I did. That's why I've created Spark, a free tool where I teach you all the things you need in order to reach your goals: accountability, support, new habits and joy. It is available for free for a limited time only!

As an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, traveler, and of course coach, I have a ton going on.
I know you do, too.

Hey! I'm Sandy.

Join now & get:

tips on how to stop self-sabotaging

mentally fit

access to a certified coach


I’ll give you the simple, yet effective strategies to eliminate self-sabotage and achieve success on your terms.

You get access to a certified human potential coach and mental fitness trainer. I'll be with you for the next 4 weeks to answer all your questions. 

By working out your brain in the same way as you do your muscles, you will produce new pathways. This will make it easier to take on life's challenges.

The most effective thing you can do is start taking the steps that will get you closer to those goals. Motivation grows by taking action.

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The Spark Challenge starts on the first monday of the month. space is limited and doors close a few days before the challenge starts OR when it sells out (whichever happens first!)

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