It's Time to
Get Over

Be more in tune with what you really want. Sleep better. Have more energy and take action faster. Get along better with others. Make better decisions. Be happy now.

Imagine getting to the root of what stops you from getting stuff done and taking control of your life. Now imagine that you could get so good at this process you’d have more time to do the things you love.

It's time to get over Yourself
so that you can actually 
feel free to be yourself.

sound familiar?

Your mind wanders during the day, and you lose track of your true goals.

This happens because your brain naturally looks for things that aren't necessarily true.

Maybe you find yourself getting upset or jealous when someone else achieves success, comparing yourself unfairly and feeling insecure about where you stand in life.

Or maybe you're worrying about the future, putting you in the mindset that things need to get worse before they get better, creating stress and autopilot responses, which only leads to more problems when none are actually present.

We've all been there.

The moment we start anything new, the fear takes over.

Fear of letting yourself down. Fear of losing. Fear of scrutiny.
Fear of judgement. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of being fired. 
Fear of being alone. Fear of starting over. 

That insidious, heart wrenching, stomach sinking question that floats into our heads and stops us in our tracks, "What if I fail?" But in all fairness, how often do you balance that question out with, "What if I succeed?"

When it comes to fear you do have a choice:
Face Everything And Run or
Face Everything And Rise 

I'm going to show you how I learned to rise so that you can too.

A Perfectionist and A Procrastinator

My inner achiever (or should I say, insufferably ambitious overachiever) loves nothing more than to work hard, while my inner slacker, well – she likes to roll around in the proverbial grass with puppies all day long.

For most of my life, I felt like I was walking on a tightrope. Teetering between studying or working all hours and pushing myself to the max and then avoiding anything if it might lead me to failure.


I was desperate to break the endless cycle of stress. I read every self-help book. I watched countless TED Talks. Attended seminars, workshops, and retreats. I was gaining new insights, I was inspired, but I wasn't changing.

Then my journey of self-discovery took me from being the one being coached, to becoming a coach myself, and in this journey I was introduced to a simple framework that would finally bring about the lasting change in my behaviour that I so desperately needed.

Thanks to breakthroughs in mental fitness, I have reversed old habits and my own self-destructive behavior using breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology. I was able to identify the root causes of my habits and strengthen the weak muscles in my brain.

I couldn't believe that I could feel such a significant change in my life after 7 weeks. I was sleeping better, making smarter choices, and my stress levels dropped. I was able to step off the tightrope. My friends and family all noticed a shift in me that they couldn't quite put a finger on but they liked it. And the funny thing is, it wasn't so much that I had changed into someone different but it was more like I reconnected with who I truly am.

You know what else I realized? I realized that YOU deserve to live an abundant life in alignment too. I believe in your potential. I know it feels hard to change, but this is why I am going to teach you everything I learned so that you can finally be the best YOU.

3 reasons why traditional training and development programs do not work for you.

Insight alone doesn't necessarily lead to action. For example, the insight that 'being frustrated isn't helpful' doesn't automatically lead you to not feel frustrated. Actual change requires mental muscles to shift the brain into activation.

Most techniques out there treat the symptoms, but stop short of the root cause. For example, active listening techniques can teach you to recognise your partner’s emotions, but it won’t fix your inner critic that believes and expects only the worst.

No common operating system. Every workshop or training you've attended uses a different framework - 7 steps of managing conflict, 5 steps of managing time, etc. - they each compete for mindshare but eventually fade away.






Ignite is a 7-month guided program to create lasting changes in your mental fitness. It combines my exclusive partnership with Positive Intelligence and personalized empowering coaching with me, resulting in getting you unstuck by establishing new habits, routines, and mindset.

A powerful combination of coaching, app-guided practices, and insightful educational tools that will help accelerate your mental fitness by boosting the 3 core mental muscles that control how you feel, think, and act.

The best part? Ignite will change the way you think and behave forever.  

This is not a “self-help” event only concerned with racking up insights. You will build new neural networks allowing you to run your brain and emotions rather than your negative brain running you.

You will sleep better at night. Every morning, you’ll wake up more in control of your life. You will be less anxious, make better decisions, and redirect all that energy wasted on what-ifs and bad habits to fueling your life’s work.

You'll be so confident and at ease, you'll feel great. Your friends and family will love being around you because you'll be so relaxed and fun to be with. Most importantly, you are going to feel a sense of freedom allowing you to be in your power and live in the moment.

“I joined Ignite during a difficult leveling-up period in my life, and I think it was a huge help in steering me into the right direction. Life is a lot, but learning to navigate everyday with my Sage in the driver seat has given me a lot of peace and motivation.”

Monica Zou | Toronto, Canada

“My goal was to decrease my stickler and controller saboteurs so as to further improve my positive self , thus enhancing my relationship with my husband, in our ‘golden years’. Discovering my Sage powers helped me tremendously to reduce my saboteurs, and finding myself again after encountering my younger sage self, pure joy and happiness. I see the change in my husband’s response and I am so thankful and grateful for discovering this.”

Nelly Ang | Toronto, Canada

Are You Ready to Ignite?

mental fitness Training program

I'm ready to IGnite!

Your coaching begins with a 7-week training program to strengthen your mental fitness. A combination of  motivational videos, app guided exercises and accountability group coaching. This will require 2.5 hours per week which is 2% of your waking hours.

Ignite is a 7-month guided program for getting unstuck by establishing new habits, routines, and mindset.  In the first 7-weeks, I will lead your accountability group meetings. Then we transition to 1:1 coaching on a bi-weekly cadence for 5 months where we focus on your key goals and work towards long-lasting changes and establish new habits and routines to maintain mental fitness for life. I will be with you every step of the way!

You will begin by spending 6 weeks with me to identify what triggers you to sabotage yourself and learn how to put a stop to it. Followed by 6 months of coaching sessions where I will work with you to create habits and routines that fit both your lifestyle and your personal and professional goals.


personalized insights and results

Daily Progress Tracking

The coaching is driven via a comprehensive app on your mobile phone that helps to keep you on track throughout the program, with weekly focuses and daily 2-minute practices.The app tracks your daily progress against minimum targets associated with new neural pathway (muscle) formation.

Ignite is 100% guaranteed. If you do the agreed work but decide in the first 30 days it's just not for you, then no questions asked, you'll receive a full refund. At any time during the 7 months, should you decide you got what you needed then you can stop with nothing more to pay. What have you got to lose?

The guarantee

Activate Your Journey!

When you sign up today, you'll receive access to the NYT bestseller, Positive Intelligence, to jumpstart your mental fitness journey. The book explains how something you have never heard of (PQ) is the biggest predictor of how happy and successful you are going to be. It reveals how to achieve one’s true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment.

This program is only for those who are ready to make real change. If you’re unsure if this program is right for you, you might not see immediate results from the investment.

If that’s the case, I ask that you step aside for someone who is ready to start now. But if it is you, then take your next step with me today.

let's get started!


When you sign up now, you’ll receive a joyful optimist journal to help document your mental fitness.

Keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in chaos. You get to know yourself by revealing your most private fears, thoughts, and feelings. Use this journal to prioritize your situations and learnings; track day-to-day symptoms so you can recognize triggers; identify negative thoughts and behaviours.

Consider this a gift from me to you, just for investing in yourself today.

Ignite is my signature coaching program that delivers fast results and long lasting change.

Ready to change the way you live your life?

change the way you think and behave forever.

enroll Now!

Hear what others have to say

“Being in this program with others was a fulfilling experience. I can really be inside my own head a lot of the time and believe that I am the only one going through so many turbulent moments in my self-discovery. Seeing so many others growing alongside me in this self-development program was amazing! I didn't feel so alone anymore.”

Tiffany Moore | Madrid, Spain

“The skills I learned through these six weeks have been invaluable. Going from a judgmental person and a victim into a more empathetic and understanding person have helped me better navigate my life. Learning to differentiate myself from my thoughts has been incredibly helpful with my mood and has made me a more present person.”

Nina Bui | Vancouver, Canada

“It's well worth the money if you're willing to commit to the process and be honest with yourself about your blind spots and areas that need improvement.“

Dana Townsend | Washington DC

“Participating in Ignite has been a very informative and dynamic experience. I learned so much about myself, including tracing my tendencies to my childhood, and becoming more empathetic to myself and others. This has been a unique way to improve my mental, emotional, and psychological fitness. It's a groundbreaking and well thought out curriculum and support model...It was especially valuable to hear other pod members share so openly and vulnerably. The support we received from Sandy Kusano was immensely helpful, caring, considerate, and exemplary.”

Amabel Narvaez | Seattle, WA